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  • Biblical Worldview Learning

  • Superior Academic Education

  • Character Based Discipline


Trinity Christian School stands committed to a long-standing tradition of scholastic excellence by integrating faith and learning while also maintaining high standards of academic rigor. Our curriculum challenges our students academically and establishes the foundation needed to be successful after high school graduation. Most importantly, it also teaches them to see the world through a Biblical lens. Our teachers are dedicated to nurturing the minds and hearts of our students by providing a supportive and encouraging environment where students develop Biblical worldviews and become more grounded in their faith. As a leader in college admissions testing, graduation rates, college matriculation rates, and standardized test scores in our area and surrounding counties, our students perform well above local, state, and national averages. Over 90% of our graduates are HOPE eligible, and they are accepted into the top colleges and universities in the state and nation. Your child's education is our priority, and we truly believe that together with our families, we can help our students grow and excel academically and spiritually. We are honored to partner with our families in "Teaching the Truth." 

Teaching the Truth

Lower School


K4-5th grade Bible is a part of every school day.  Using reputable curricula such as Bob Jones University and Abeka, students are taught the primary biblical narratives that help shape a Chrisian faith at a young age.

Middle School

Biblical Worldview

6th Grade: The Christian Worldview

This introductory course covers answers to the “big questions” about God, the universe, human beings, truth, and morality. The Christian Worldview prepares students by introducing topics that will be explored in more depth in the 9th grade.

7th Grade: Competing Worldviews

This foundational course compares and contrasts the key tenets of Christianity to Islam, naturalism, and new spirituality. Competing Worldviews lays a foundation for a more thorough understanding in 11th grade.

8th Grade: Christianity in Action

The final middle school course helps students understand how they can live out their Christian worldview in a post-Christian culture. These ideas will be explored in greater detail as students take their capstone course their senior year.

High School

Biblical Worldview

9th Grade: Foundations 

The freshman course introduces the foundational building blocks of the Christian worldview. These include God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the Bible and its metanarrative or grand storyline, what it means to love God and neighbor, and how to practice your faith.

10th Grade: Apologetics

The sophomore course provides guidance for defending and commending the Christian faith to others. It also demonstrates how the Christian worldview stands up to common objections to it in society today.

11th Grade: Worldviews

This course considers the Christian worldview in comparison to five other worldviews while examining the answers they each give to life’s biggest questions in areas like ethics, history, philosophy, politics, biology, and more.

12th Grade: Culture

This capstone course shows how the Christian worldview has the resources to engage with the most challenging and controversial issues of our day, and it provides a model for faithful Christian engagement with the world's questions in areas like ethics, history, philosophy, politics, biology, and more.

Fine Arts

Trinity Christian School continues to emphasize the development of the whole student and is committed to its Fine Arts programs.  Students can participate in literary, and drama instruction.  The use of a daily activity period allows time for the instruction of students for performances and competitions.  Our Fine Arts students participate in One Act and Literary competitions annually. 

2024 Region Literary Results:

Argumentative Essay: Sadie Toler, 1st place

Humorous Interpretation: Levi Preston 2nd place

Solo-Treble: Anna Beth Lawrence 1st place

Spelling- Thomas McMichael 2nd place


2024 State Literary Results:

Argumentative Essay: Sadie Toler, 2nd place

Humorous Interpretation: Levi Preston 3rd place

Solo-Treble: Anna Beth Lawrence 5th place


One Act Play: Repunstiltskin 


Left to Right:

Levi Preston, Thomas McMichael, Elise Jenkins, Sadie Toler, Anna Beth Lawrence

Instructional Support

In addition to having specific times established in the daily schedule for students to receive additional support from instructors, TCS offers access to a published list of recommended tutors.

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