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Grandparents Day 2018

Kindergarten Grandparents Day 2018 Video

Elementary Grandparents Day 2018 Video

Middle School Grandparents Day 2018 Video

High School Grandparents Day 2018 Video

Grandparents Day 2017

Kindergarten Grandparents Day 2017 Video

Elementary Grandparents Day 2017 Video

Middle School Grandparents Day 2017 Video

High School Grandparents Day 2017 Video

Grandparents Day 2016

Kindergarten Grandparents Day 2016 Video

Elementary Grandparents Day 2016 Video

Middle School Grandparents Day 2016 Video

High School Grandparents Day 2016 Video

2016 Dominican Republic Mission Trip

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Below are links to the "Welcome to the Zoo" Grandparents Day 2015 videos. 

Kindergarten Video
Elementary Video
Middle School Video
High School Video