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TCS Middle and High School Curriculum

Academic programs at Trinity offer a variety of learning experiences that develop both knowledge and individual ability. Instruction is provided by a competent and caring faculty dedicated to the success of each student. 


Upon entering the 9th grade, students at TCS are given the option of pursuing classes in the Honors or College Preparatory Programs.  In order to be considered for placement into the honors program, which consists of twelve classes in grades 9-12, students must have an overall average of 90 as well as an average of 90 in the previous year’s subject in which they are requesting to take an honors course in.  Students must also receive teacher recommendations to enter the program.  In order to be retained in the program, students must maintain a minimum average of 85 in the honors course and an overall average of 85.  Trinity also offers dual-enrollment courses in higher level Mathematics and English Composition.  Due to the more difficult nature of the honors and dual-enrollment courses, weighting is added to the grade point averages.  A complete list of honors and dual-enrollment courses offered and the Trinity GPA Scale is listed below.

Honors & College Prep Courses Offered 

Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Algebra

9th Grade Literature & Grammar, 10th Grade Literature & Grammar,
11th Grade American Literature, 12th Grade British Literature

Foreign Language
Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV

Dual-Enrollment Courses Offered

College Algebra, College Pre-Calculus, College Calculus, College Statistics

Composition I, II, American Literature

Social Sciences/Science/Other

Psychology, Sociology, Government, Biology, Public Speaking, Kinesiology

GPA Scale 








 CP       College Preparatory

H         Honors Program

DE       Dual Enrollment

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