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Chick-fil-A Leader Academy Holds First Meeting
October 01, 2019

Our Chick-fil-A Leader Academy kick-off meeting was a success! Our students kicked off this program by learning about our country's leaders and engaging in a service project called Operation Gratitude. We packed care packages to send to veterans and actively deployed U.S. service members and their families. These care packages were filled with entertainment, hygiene, and non-perishable snacks. We even made paracord bracelets to include in our care packages that can be used in emergency situations to create harnesses, makeshift shelters, or even medical sutures! These bracelets are made of cords that can hold over 550 pounds! Most importantly, we were able to include 40 personal letters of appreciation and support to our U.S. troops overseas. We cannot wait for our next meeting! Follow our leaders on facebook and instagram @cfaleaderacademy.tcs