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GISA Recognizes TCS Teacher of the Year and Master Teachers
November 09, 2018

GISA Teacher of the Year

In the spring of 2018, the process began to select the Teacher of the Year for the Georgia Independent School Association.  All 164 GISA schools were invited to nominate candidates in the lower school, middle school, and upper school categories.  The Head of School, along with other school personnel, submitted letters of recommendation, and the nominees were asked to write an essay on the topic, “What Teaching Means to Me.”  After a review of the nominees, the finalists participated in an interview process and the winners were announced at the GISA Annual Conference in Atlanta on November 5, 2018.

Trinity Christian School in Dublin has the distinct privilege of being home to the upper school Co-Teacher of the Year for 2018, Mrs. Susan Frost.  Now in her 36th year of service at TCS, the number of students whose lives she has touched would be difficult to determine.  She has a strong commitment to her students and their success in the classroom and beyond.  Graduates consistently report that Mrs. Frost has prepared them for college science classes. It is not unusual to hear students say she was the best teacher they ever had.  She brings a passion and excellence to her teaching, and she continually finds fresh ways to present the material and challenge the students.  Her selection as STAR Teacher numerous times during her teaching career indicates the respect her students have had for her over the years.  She is devoted to the Lord, her family, her students, her church, and mission causes, having traveled stateside and abroad a number of times to give of her time and resources.

Trinity Christian School extends warmest congratulations to Mrs. Susan Frost for this high honor.

GISA Master Teacher Award

Trinity Christian School in Dublin has the distinct privilege of being home to three Master Teacher Awardees over the last two years.  In 2017, the inaugural year of the recognition among the 164 schools in the Georgia Independent School Association, Mrs. Christi Crozier and Mrs. Fay Price received the recognition.  For 2018, Mrs. Shari Johnson was recognized for this prestigious award at the GISA Annual Conference in Atlanta.  The selection process requires letters of recommendation, detailed examples of classroom work and collaboration with other educators, and a video of classroom teaching demonstrating best practices.

Trinity Christian School is grateful to congratulate Mrs. Crozier and Mrs. Price, 2017 recipients, and Mrs. Johnson, 2018 recipient, for this distinct honor.