Trinity News
Trinity Christian School Students Qualify for 7th Grade Duke TIP
October 05, 2017

The following students qualified to participate in the Annual Duke University Talent Search for 7th grade.  The Duke University Talent Identification Program, also known as Duke TIP, was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to the cultivation and education of academically talented youth.  Eligibility for participation in the talent search is an honor requiring exceptional academic ability.  Students who qualify must score at or above the 95th percentile on the ITBS subtest or composite.

1st Row:  Brayden Loyd, Emma Sumner, Charley Rogers, Ty Orr, Mat Carswell
2nd Row:  Morgan Seales, Emma Leigh Lawrence, Makenzie Grooms, Elizabeth Sharkey, Trinity Wroneck, Blake Kendrick, Josh Kahrmann,
3rd Row:  Anna Smith, Lily Cate Williams, Britt Karoly, Kaitlin Dekowski, Reece Raymer, Emma Grace Pope, Cate Street, Hunter Lann, Carson Lee, Beau Stone, Mitchell McDaniel, Jack Polhill