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Katie Adcock Participates in the Duke TIP Summer Studies Experience
September 04, 2015

Katie Adcock was a participant in the Summer Studies Program for academically gifted students conducted by the Duke University Talent Identification Program.  Katie was selected from an applicant pool representing the top middle and high school age students in the United States as determined by her scores on the SAT.

The three week Duke TIP courses are fast-paced and intense and include simulations of real world activities, peer teaching and presentations, laboratory experiences, college-level research. 

This summer Katie participated in their Crime Scene Investigation course.  This course included student-directed problem-based learning.  She performed typical forensic laboratory analyses and was expected to reach conclusions in mock case settings.  She maintained a laboratory notebook and wrote lab reports.  The lab notebook served to improve scientific written communication.  A forensic evidence project cemented knowledge of scientific evidence and the correct collection procedures while also focusing on student team work, research and oral presentation skills.  Katie was evaluated by the instructor and teaching assistant during the crime-scene day and mock trial held based on the crime scene activities.