Trinity News
Class of 2014 Attends Senior Camp at Epworth by the Sea
August 13, 2013

On Friday August 9 the Trinity Class of 2014 left to go on the annual Senior Camp Trip to Epworth by the Sea.  As usual the customary activities, which every one looks forward to, played out through the weekend; games, food relays, team competitions and a trip to the beach.  However, this year the worship experience was the highlight of the weekend.  The weekends worship time lead to 6 students accepting Christ and several rededications.  A lot of unforgiveness and pain was addressed and released and students were freed from sin and bondage they have been living in.  On Saturday night during our worship time there was 100% of the students at the alter singing, crying and praising God.  Our theme for the weekend was “Boldness to Live Out the Gospel” and the TCS Class of 2014 has the desire to be Bold for Jesus.  A lot of what we do with our students throughout the school year is temporary and earthly but what happened during Senior Camp 2013 will no doubt have eternal significance.  Our senior class desires your prayers and knows that the road will not be easy, but they will do their best to live a bold and vibrant life for Christ.  On Wednesday, August 14, there will be a Senior Camp Chapel where students will share some of their experiences with the school.