Trinity News
Literary Competes at Region
March 14, 2013

The Trinity literary team competed in Region competition on Friday, March 8 at Brewton Parker College.  Congratulations to the team for their great accomplishments.

First Place

Will Ryals – Piano
Christian Crowson – Boy’s Solo
Jake Williams – Dramatic Oral Interp.

Second Place
Abi Steven and Daniel Alligood– Duo Interp.
Lauren Rawlins, Carlie Garrett and Hannah Patton– Trio
Olivia Strickland – Girl’s Solo
Elizabeth Brack – Rhetorical Essay
Madison Bishop – Argumentative Essay

Third Place
Ashlyn Foskey – Personal Essay
Cassie Traxler – Humorous Interp.
Wyatt Payne, E.J. Barr, Daniel Alligood & Matt Young – Quartet

Fourth Place
Abby Drake – Extemporaneous Speaking – U.S.

Trio - Hannah Patton, Lauren Rawlins, Carlie Garrett

Duo Interp. Abi Stevens and Daniel Alligood

Piano - Will Ryals

Boy’s Solo - Christian Crowson

Dramatic Oral Interp. - Jake Williams