Giving to Trinity

We are grateful to be able to offer an excellent education in a safe, caring environment; provide small classes and individual attention to students; keep our curriculum challenging and current; prepare students for success in the Trinity classroom and in the college/university classroom; and put together a team of educators and coaches who are committed to developing character in all areas of student life.

There is a significant difference between what is paid in tuition and what it really costs to educate each student.  Trinity continues to operate in a way that honors God, and He continues to bless that faithfulness.  Those who support Trinity with charitable contributions are helping to build on this treasured legacy.  They see the value of what God is doing in the lives of people through TCS! 

Everyone, Every Year 2016-17 Letter

Completed Projects

  • Construction of AdministrationBuilding and MediaCenter (2003)
  • Purchase of Six Acres of Land (2007)
  • Kindergarten Site Work (2007 and 2010)
  • Construction of Claude Graham Athletic Complex (2007)
  • Construction of KindergartenBuilding (2008)
  • Installation of Signage at Highway 441 (2010)
  • Fencing, Gates, and Brick Columns for E and K Buildings (2010)
  • Fencing, Gates, and Brick Columns for Claude Graham Athletic Complex (2010)
  • Installation of Irrigation and Landscaping (2010)
  • Completion of E Building Brick and Roof Repairs (2011)
  • Construction of ConcessionBuilding and Restroom Facilities at Cleve Warnock Football Field (2011) 
  • New Bus (2012)
  • Stadium Upgrade (2013)
  • New Track (2013)
  • New Roofs for A and B Buildings (2014)
  • New Computers (PC’s and Apple Macintosh) (2015)
  • New Desks for several elementary classrooms (2013-2016)
  • H. Clyde Evans Fieldhouse sound system (Gym/Fine Arts) (2015)
  • Construction of New Multi-Purpose Facility (2016)

 Annual Fund

This is a charitable contribution that helps bridge the gap between income and the actual cost of educating students each year.  The Annual Fund helps to preserve and improve excellence at Trinity while keeping tuition increases at their lowest possible level. It supports the operating budget, the financial assistance program, and the master plan for our campus. The theme “Every One – Every Year” will help build on a strong foundation to map our future if EVERYONE does their part EVERY YEAR!

Why participate in Annual Giving?

  • All students benefit from Annual Fund contributions as the gifts enable the school to fund all areas of the Trinity experience.
  • Annual Fund giving bridges the gap between income and the actual cost of educating students each year.  The Annual Fund helps to preserve and improve excellence at Trinity while keeping tuition increases at their lowest possible level.
  • Participation rates matter.  Foundation and corporate giving programs consider parent, alumni, and faculty and staff support when determining whether or not to grant funding requests.
  • Gifts to the Annual Fund are tax deductible.  Charitable contributions are a great way to contribute to the school.
  • Gifts to the Annual Fund help support academics and programs on campus right now.  Even gifts of very modest sizes enable our school to provide students with the tools to be successful now and in the future.
  • Targeted giving allows you to focus your donation.  While unrestricted gifts allow the greatest flexibility, you have the choice to request that your donation go to a special fund (academic programs, fine arts & chapel services, faculty & staff advancement, physical education / health & fitness, campus & buildings, or financial aid).  However, you and your family choose to participate in the Annual Fund, your contribution helps to support almost everything that relates to daily life on the campus of Trinity Christian School.

Our common goals create common ground.  Developing a stronger “Trinity Family” means not only addressing immediate concerns, but also ensuring that, as our “Family” continues to grow, so do the resources to serve it.

Annual Fund Appeal

"Building for the Future" Capital Campaign

The mission of TrinityChristianSchool continues to motivate our Board of Directors to further develop each area of our campus.  The five-year (2015-2020) "Building for the Future" Capital Campaign will provide a Multi-Purpose Facility for several uses, improvements, and benefits:


  • Keeping students on our campus rather than outside locations
  • Providing an additional safe area during inclement weather


  • PE Classes and Elementary Recess Use
  • Strength and Speed Conditioning Space for MS/HS Athletics
  • Elementary and MS Basketball Team Use
  • Practice Facility for Cheerleading and Wrestling
  • Athletic Team Use in Inclement Weather
  • TCS Kids Club Use

Longevity –

  • Impacting all Trinity Students for many years to come!

The campaign will also help provide technology upgrades in classrooms, offices, and other areas throughout our school.  The technology improvements will further enhance the ability to educate our students in a modern, technology-driven world, and will allow students to be prepared even more once they go to college and beyond! 

The estimated cost for the entire campaign is $700,000; with current commitments and contributions we have already surpassed the $500,000 mark!  Receipts to date totoal just over $320,000.  Our goal is to have the entire building paid off as soon as funding is available.  We are in need of your support as we finish the details of the building and open the facility for permanent use this school year!  Please consider supporting this campaign!

Capital Campaign Appeal Letter Fall 2016
Capital Campaign Committment Card single

GOAL Scholarship Program

An exciting state law allows us as individuals, families, and businesses/corporations to receive a tax credit against our Georgia income tax liability when we redirect a portion of our taxes to Trinity through the GOAL Scholarship Program.  Not only that, but this contribution is also tax-deductible as a charitable donation on the federal tax return.

Simply put, this law lets us choose to have some of our income tax dollars donated to Trinity through GOAL -- money that we would pay to the State of Georgia anyway!  This is an incredible way to help grow the Trinity Family without affecting your budget in any way!  Click Here for help with your tax credit.