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Trinity Board Member Amy Gay or Mike Karoly


Development Coordinator Evan Winegarner

478-272-7699, Ext. 106


Dear Friends,

We encourage you to join the growing ranks of our valued GOAL Contributors!
You have likely heard about the GOAL program and how it helps our school.
This remarkable and proven opportunity allows Georgia taxpayers to redirect
a portion of their state income tax to provide scholarships for eligible students
to attend Trinity Christian School.

You will make a significant positive impact at no cost to you.
By contributing to GOAL for a state tax credit 
and designating that the dollars be used at our school, you will provide opportunities
for families desiring to attend TCS. Our school is then able to…

-Increase the amount of financial aid that can be offered to new students
-Preserve more of our existing financial aid to assist families already enrolled
-Increase the funds available to improve educational and other offerings
-Enable the school to further its mission by reaching more families desiring a Christian education

What was once called ‘too good to be true’ is a substantial benefit for our school
and community!

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to become a GOAL participant!  Follow the easy
steps on the links provided.  If you have questions about any aspect of this program,
I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.  Join the host of Georgia taxpayers choosing
how and where to spend some of their state tax dollars, and take advantage of this amazing
opportunity before the statewide cap is met…earlier and earlier each year.


Stan Couey